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About vintage flower paintings

I have loved flower paintings from the day my father painted one and gave it to me for my eighth birthday.  Since then I’ve been unable to resist buying them in auctions, markets and antique shops, building up a collection of much loved examples in my home. As my walls heave with paintings I decided it was time to make something more of this interest and now collect and sell them - hanging them in my home until they find a loving owner.

I also work as an Interior Stylist and use these paintings frequently in my work. I love coordinating colours but find that good styling always has a surprise element. These paintings provide fabulous inspiration for decorating, always mixing colours in an interesting way. Nature rarely finds the need to match...

Some paintings are of a better quality than others but all hold a special charm. I find that while the best ones stand alone, groups of them provide a riot of colourful impact and if one or two are not perfect they can still add interest to a collection.

Take a look at the picture gallery for inspiration of paintings in situ - some that I have at home and others that I have used in my styling work. I hope they inspire you to want to own one yourself.